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Disinfection Tunnel I-SHARP SH-BD-011

Disinfection Tunnel I-SHARP SH-BD-011
Disinfection Tunnel I-SHARP SH-BD-011
Disinfection tuunnel | Sanitizing gates         - Electronic portal for sterilization, local production in Egypt·        - The distribution of sterili..
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Disinfection tuunnel | Sanitizing gates

         - Electronic portal for sterilization, local production in Egypt

·        - The distribution of sterilization liquid is controlled over the entire area of ​​a person's body.

·        - Up to 100 person can be sterilized with one liter of sterilizer.

·        - The unit contains sterilization tank.

·        - A sterilization tank capacity of 60 liters, and thus can sterilize up to 6000 people.

·        - The sterilization rate can be set so that the sterilization material is sprayed within 3, 5, 7 or 10 seconds.

·        - Any suitable sterilization material may be used.

·        - Sterilization unit is made of electrostatically painted steel, stainless steel and corrosion. The unit is light, easy to carry, safe and effective, and sterilization inside it depends on sterilization without any contact with the human body.

·        - The sterilization unit is supplied with electricity from 110/220 volts electrical source and is easy to operate, as it is purchased directly to save time and work, and it is also suitable for schools, hotels, stations, shopping centers and other crowded places.

·        - Unit floor made of aluminum anti-slip shaker plate and engraved where the feet are placed for easy identification to the ideal place for sterilization

·        -The unit is equipped with a system of protection against high voltage, high current and leakage.

·         Unit Dimensions: 150 * 120 * 240 cm

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